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Where hair and skin are universal.
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Its the HAIR PERFUME for me!!!

Hair Perfumes: Here’s why you need them

There’s just something about smelling good that enhances our mood and elevates our confidence. In fact, the benefits of wearing perfumes are well-established, scientifically even. Hence, it’s no surprise that the perfume industry has morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry. The latest trend in this sector is that of hair perfumes. Don’t be shocked! Hair perfumes are actually a thing, and they have even been touted as the new way to wear fragrance. They might seem like a superfluous luxury to most, but they do have their upsides. Curious? Read on to learn more about hair perfumes.

What are hair perfumes?

As the name suggests, hair perfumes or hair mists are fragrances explicitly created for your hair intended to give it an instant refresh and appealing smell. Fun fact. Our hair actually absorbs scents faster than the skin. Therefore by wearing hair perfume, you get to enjoy smelling good for longer. Still, it can hard to wrap our heads around the fact that hair perfumes are necessary. If you are wondering why can’t you just use regular perfume on your hair, there’s a very logical explanation for that. Notably, regular body fragrances are usually loaded with alcohol, which can ultimately damage your hair strands. With hair perfumes, you won’t have to worry about such adverse effects as they are specially formulated for hair.

What are the benefits of hair perfumes?

You can gain a lot from using hair mists. Obviously, it offers you protection from foul odors. Are you heading to the second or third day without a good hair wash? Spritz some fragrance of your choice and prepare to be the best smelling person in the room. Moreover, some hair perfumes are also formulated to afford UV protection, rejuvenate dull hairstyles and reduce frizzes. So you see, hair perfumes can turn a bad hair day into a good one by giving your hair a little shine.

Why use hair perfumes?


Aside from the benefits presented above, you should also use hair perfumes because they save you time. For instance, you won’t have to wash your hair every day because you miss the smell and feel of freshly washed hair. One or two spritzes of hair perfume, and you will be all set to go. Plus, as mentioned earlier, hair absorbs fragrances pretty easily and for longer too. Hence, if you wish to maintain a stand out fragrance all day, you should consider giving your hair a little more attention.

What factors should I consider when choosing hair perfumes?

Like any beauty product, you should always be keen on the type of hair perfume you use. Since this might be a new concept to some, here’s what you should focus on when making a hair mist purchase.

  • Ingredients – This is perhaps the most important to consider. Whenever you can, look for hair perfume that has all-natural ingredients, especially if you have natural hair. Generally, natural hair ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, and more present massive benefits. Wondering which all-natural hair perfume you should get? Our Belle of Hair hair perfume is an excellent option.
  • Fragrance – Obviously, you should go for a scent that appeals to you and your lifestyle. After all, you wouldn’t want to walk around smelling all funky.
  • Price – Don’t go breaking the bank because you want to jump on the hair perfume bandwagon. Choose an option that suits your budget. Don’t go too cheap, though, as you might never find a fragrance that you genuinely like. It’s worth noting that the ingredients of your hair perfume might influence its price.

Wrapping up

The truth is that hair perfumes are often underrated but preety necessary hair products you should totally get. As seen in this article, you can realize some great benefits from using them that you can’t get anywhere else. So the next time you go shopping for hair products, why not set out a little budget for hair perfume? Once you start, you will completely fall in love with them. Trust us.

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