Where hair and skin are universal.
Where hair and skin are universal.
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Hey good people!!

Welcome to BELLE OF HAIR!! I started this hair journey early on when I was always big on products such as oil sheen sprays, serums, and scalp oils. I was always trying out a plethora of products as I have extremely dry 4c hair. Some products were too heavy and weighed my hair down, while some products had very little staying shine power. It was always a battle of do I grease my scalp with this heavy oil and just deal with the greasy slick look or just go without anything??? Where was the median???


Then I had the grand idea of making my own products!! This way I could research the ingredients solely and test out the products on different subjects including myself!! That’s how BELLE OF HAIR was created !!!


BELLE OF HAIR products are here to help me help YOU with your hair needs!! Your hair needs should be top priority and it’s never too late to get that hair back on track!!